Introducing Pupil Pathways

We are delighted to announce a major change within our company that we believe will enhance the support and services we offer to you and the wider educational community.  Over...

12 February 2024

Welcome to SixIntoSeven Lite

Welcome to SixIntoSeven Lite Brendan Nel introduces SixIntoSeven Lite, a ground-breaking solution that enables primary school information and data to seamlessly follow pupils to their respective secondary schools. As Brendan...

12 February 2024

What are the transition worries for Year 6 going into Year 7?

When we think back to our school days, it can often influence what we assume our pupils worry about when they think about school transition. We may assume the worry...

2 February 2024

Why should a primary school use SixIntoSeven?

Sometimes, it is important to address a question head on. This is one such case. Why should a primary school use SixIntoSeven? We could argue that SixIntoSeven is free to...

30 January 2024

Every Child is Unique

No two children are the same. Every unique part of them makes them who they are. Their skills and struggles, their passions and dislikes, their hobbies and activities, their interests...

15 December 2023

School Transition

School Transition School transition can be a complex process. In addition to saying goodbye to much-loved pupils, you must also send data to the next school as well as your...

7 March 2023