About us

About us

Our mission

We understand that each pupil follows a unique pathway as they move through their education encountering along their way many professionals with the privilege of supporting them.​

Pupil Pathway’s mission is to promote collaboration between these professionals to ensure they can give the pupils in their care the best outcome in life.

Our vision

Our vision is to see the creation of fully-collaborating teams across schools, MATs and local authorities where priorities can be made and decisions reached for the benefit of all pupils. This will be based on informed decision making using the most relevant information.

Our Name

Many will be familiar with SixIntoSeven and might wonder why you have come to Pupil Pathways. Find out about the recent changes to our company.

Our Team

Brendan Nel

Brendan Nel

Managing Director

Brendan is committed to supporting the growth of the business along with the leadership team to achieve the best quality products and customer service for our growing customer base across schools, MATs and Local Authorities.

Karen Youds

Karen Youds

Head of Customer Service

Karen leads our customer services team and works alongside the product team to make sure the customer voice is heard and that we deliver the best possible products and service to our customers schools.

Neil Benson

Neil Benson

Head of Technology

Neil leads our software developers to deliver innovative and high quality products for our customers. He is also responsible for our information security and compliance to maintain our accreditations.


Frequently asked questions

All about SixIntoSeven

Who can use SixIntoSeven?

SixIntoSeven can be used by any group of schools. Most customers are Local Authorities, but we also welcome customers from MATs and other groups. 

What sort of information can be transferred?

The simple answer is almost anything. This can include yes/no statements, selections from drop down menus and free text boxes. You can upload any files such as PDFs and even leave voice messages. The information can be on anything deemed to be important. 

We have our own transition priorities. Will these be affected?

Our team will work with you to meet your priorities. Some groups focus only on SEND and vulnerable pupils, whilst others look to the whole cohort. Whatever you decide, our team will be able to advise you, based on their experience of supporting transitions across many Local Authorities and groups.

What happens when a primary school sends a pupil to a secondary school in another Local Authority or group?

Our aim is to enable primary schools to upload their data and information on a pupil once, and only onto one system. Therefore, if one of their Y6 pupils is moving to a school outside of the group, then that secondary will be invited to load SixIntoSeven Lite. This is a free to use service and has the full functionality as the paid for version. The only difference is that the secondary school cannot send out requests to other primary schools. This is safer than using email, as the transaction will take place within SixIntoSeven’s GDPR complaint framework.

What happens if a secondary school receives pupils from a primary school in another local authority?

A secondary school within a SixIntoSeven group or Local Authority can send a request to a primary school anywhere in the country. The primary school will be able to upload information and data on the pupils going to that secondary school and send it in a GDPR-complaint form. 

Is SixIntoSeven safe to use?

SixIntoSeven is owned by 6into7, which trades as Pupil Pathways. Pupil Pathways has the globally recognized ISO 27001 standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and the Cyber Essentials Certification. In addition, there are built-in protocols to allow for the legal transfer of data between schools. You can find out more on our compliance page. 

What is the cost of SixIntoSeven?

Each contract is individually calculated for each customerThe cost depends on the number of primary and secondary schools, the number of pupils, the duration of the contract and the number of Local Authorities and/or groups in the consortia. Use our contact page to find out more. 

Who are Pupil Pathways?

SixIntoSeven is owned by 6into7As 6into7 has now launched Foresight, a product to help reduce suspensions and inclusions, we have introduced Pupil Pathways as our trading name.

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