Introducing Pupil Pathways

We are delighted to announce a major change within our company that we believe will enhance the support and services we offer to you and the wider educational community. 

Over the past four years, SixIntoSeven has helped support the seamless transfer of data and information between primary and secondary schools. It has earned trust and become a cornerstone tool across numerous local authorities. 

Today, we are proud to introduce Foresight, a new product built upon the same trusted principles as SixIntoSeven. Foresight is designed to empower educators and professionals through the sharing of pupil data to support decision-making processes for those at risk of suspension or inclusion. Through Foresight, schools can initiate a case for concern and collaborate with local authorities to develop and implement tailored support packages. 

With the introduction of Foresight, we recognised the need for a unified brand that encompasses both SixIntoSeven and Foresight, reflecting our commitment to providing personalised pathways for every pupil’s success. Therefore, we are excited to introduce Pupil Pathways as the umbrella name for these two services. 

At Pupil Pathways, we believe that every pupil is unique and deserves a personalised pathway to achieve their fullest potential. We are dedicated to supporting you in this important endeavour. 

Please contact our team to find out how we can support you develop the pathways for those pupils in your care.