Welcome to SixIntoSeven Lite

Welcome to SixIntoSeven Lite

Brendan Nel introduces SixIntoSeven Lite, a ground-breaking solution that enables primary school information and data to seamlessly follow pupils to their respective secondary schools. As Brendan explains, “If a group like a local authority or MAT has invested in SixIntoSeven, then all pupils should benefit. That includes children who come from out-of-group primary schools or go on to attend out-of-group secondaries.”

Addressing Primary Frustrations

Since its inception, SixIntoSeven has been dedicated to facilitating the transfer of transition information between primary and secondary schools in a consistent and GDPR-compliant manner. Primary schools have long valued SixIntoSeven for its timesaving adaptations, allowing staff to work more effectively. However, disappointment arises when primary schools discover that some pupils are moving to secondary schools in local authority areas that do not utilise SixIntoSeven. 

Streamlined Solutions

SixIntoSeven Lite addresses this challenge head-on. Primary schools can upload information on all pupils, and when a pupil is bound for a secondary school outside the Local Authority area, the school is invited to join SixIntoSeven Lite at no cost to digitally receive the information and benefit from the depth of insight provided from primary schools. This streamlined process ensures that necessary data sharing agreements are signed, and data is securely transferred, alleviating the burden on primary school staff having to provide transition information in unsecure formats.

Closing the Gap

Additionally, SixIntoSeven Lite facilitates secondary schools’ outreach to all primary schools nationwide. As Brendan emphasises, “This closes a gap, and prevents pupils being missed, to ensure that all pupils and schools receive the benefits that SixIntoSeven has to offer.” 

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